Sunday, November 1, 2020, 3PM EST 

Ways I can help you find your own voice.

First and foremost, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm!!! Subdivisions and layering of rhythms is the bedrock of the way I think about music and fundamental to the way I play.

I will break down a song like “The Peeper” or “Spooky” and show how the rhythmic concept generates the phrasing and melodic ideas. 

Each class will be approximatively 2 hours long, led over Zoom with limited capacity. The first half will be me speaking and demonstrating. The second half, a Q&A. 

RHYTHM: The Foundation Of My Playing

  • Note: Please use the email you'll use to join the class.  Once you checkout, please select "Free Shipping". You'll be emailed instructions to join the master class! 

  • Note: $250 is the cost for one individual participant in the master class. 

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